What is STARV?

  • A Standard STARV Experience is an ~20 minute live video conference performance with the Talent of your choosing.  It can accommodate a large or small group of guests depending upon your preferences. 
  • If you want something more elaborate we have the ability to tailor to large gatherings, weddings, corporate and other large budget events.  Just drop us a note to discuss our full capabilities here: contact us!
  • We have Large Screen HD video displays for rent, for example, that can bring a fully interactive Live Virtual Concert, Dance Performance or Comedic Act to your venue with multiple 80 inch screens and 100+ inch projectors with full set up, tear down, A/V, network management and bandwidth scaling capabilities.

What Will Happen?

  • At the scheduled time, your talent will join the Web Conferencing Bridge.  Usually there will be a few minutes of introductions/interactions followed by an ~6 minute entertainment section (depending on the talent type this will include a few songs, in the case of a band or musician or a comedic skit if you hired a Comedian) The Talent will also incorporate anything you tell them us about the specifics of your special occasion prior to the event. The whole experience will be interactive, as well, so feel free to ask questions, interject, discuss, whatever will make the occasion special for you, the Talent will do their best to accommodate. At the end they usually leave time for a short Q&A session before saying goodbye!
  • For more customized events our Talents can provide a full Virtual Concert, Stand up Comedy skit, Dance performance or customized Performance for any time duration. Weddings and Corporate Events are moving more and more to Virtual Entertainment these days. We can bring all of the technology, A/V, Large Monitors, Projectors, Create Network and provide A/V for full live virtual Concerts anywhere!  The possibilities for our customized events really are endless! 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

  • You will have up to 24 hours before your scheduled time to cancel for no fee. If you need to cancel in that 24 hour period, you will not be refunded. 

What system requirements do I need?

  • In the case of a Standard event, you will need a Web Conferencing Application installed on your laptop prior to your scheduled event as well as the laptop connected to the primary monitor via HDMI (if not using your laptop) and want to view on a larger screen.  You need a mobile device, laptop or web cam capable of receiving HD video and the necessary bandwidth to accommodate Live Streaming.  If you have been on a successful ZOOM, Hangouts or Skype call recently you should have all of the system requirements met!
  • We will send you details of application to install and we will open up the Web Conferencing Bridge 15 minutes prior to your scheduled event to trouble shoot any audio/video issues

How many guests can I add to my call? 

  • There can be as many guests in person as you desire. You can also add up to 8 additional web conferencing participants in different areas and they can all technically have guests as well.  Just make sure, if you really want to scale, that they all are on mute to avoid potential pitfalls. 
  • If you are doing a custom event, there is no limit to the number of guests.